The Marine Caves represent one of the most precious treasures of the entire Gargano region. Along the coastline between Peschici, Vieste and Mattinata, there are numerous caves, true wonders carved into the limestone rock, each with something unique to reveal. They bear whimsical names, as bestowed upon them by ancient fishermen.

The relentless marine flow and the whipping wind have sculpted the Gargano coast, forming marvelous cavities, natural arches, coves, cliffs, imposing sea stacks, and marine caves. Each marine cave preserves a unique and unforgettable charm, and each name recalls the morphology, peculiarities, and history of each one.

There are about twenty marine caves. The discovery of the first splendid Marine Caves of Vieste and Gargano was made in 1954 by Michele Trimigno, the father of Graziano and grandfather of Francesco and Michele, now known as the discoverer of the Marine Caves along the coast between Vieste and Baia delle Zagare. A few years later, in 1963, in Pugnochiuso, commissioned by engineer Enrico Mattei, the construction of the most famous holiday resort in Vieste began, marking a decisive shift from an agricultural-pastoral economy to a tourist one. The Marine Caves of Vieste and Gargano, due to their beauty and form, inspired old fishermen with the most singular and curious names:

Large Bell Cave, shaped like a mournful bell, 70 meters high and covered in velvety moss.
Smugglers’ Cave, with a double exit that once facilitated the escape of smugglers.
Swallow Cave, where the charming birds have nested.
Broken Cave, resembling an ancient castle where time has demolished the upper part, reflecting Aleppo pines in the emerald waters.
Two Eyes Cave, characterized by two small openings carved by the sea waves.
Emerald Cave, where the sea and light reflect on the walls, creating suggestive color effects.
Tomato Cave, adorned with red tomato-shaped mollusks on its walls.
Mermaids’ Cave, where, according to legend, sirens used to dwell.

According to legends, like that of Pizzomunno, marine caves are nothing more than the shelters of sirens: this is where the frightening figures with enchanting songs would imprison with chains the young maidens of whom they were jealous.

In the summer season, you can explore the caves aboard the Motoboat Desirèe departing from the Port of Vieste both in the morning and in the afternoon. From the sea, you can also admire San Felice Bay with the famous “Architiello“, Campi Bay, the Sea Stacks of Baia delle Zagare, and the beaches of Porto Greco, Vignanotica, and Pugnochiuso. The Gargano coast will provide your vacation with unforgettable memories and unparalleled photos!