Rodi Garganico is located just three kilometers from Hotel Helios and is one of the gems of the Gargano National Park. The city is the heart of the Gargano Mountain Community and is renowned for the beauty of its sea, often awarded the prestigious Blue Flag, and its citrus groves that emit a fragrance throughout the village during the spring. The inhabited center of Rodi Garganico is situated on a rocky promontory characterized by white houses and narrow streets, embraced by long sandy shores. The city is just a few kilometers from Lake Varano, a body of water surrounded by citrus groves, olive trees, pines, carobs, and figs.

Rodi Garganico, besides being renowned for citrus production, earning it the nickname “the garden of Gargano“, is one of the most beloved seaside resorts in all of Puglia and, once admired, it quickly becomes apparent why. Ready to welcome visitors in well-equipped hotels, villages, residences, campsites, and apartments, a holiday in Rodi Garganico never disappoints.

The beaches have been repeatedly awarded the Blue Flag. From Levante to Ponente, named so because they develop to the east and west of the rock that juts out into the sea, Rodi offers a coastline of 8 km characterized by fine sand, crystal-clear waters, and shallow seabeds: ideal for families with children spending their holidays in Rodi Garganico.

The historic center preserves the appearance of the ancient fishing village that had to defend itself from attacks from the sea: the houses are built very close together to better protect the inhabitants. A stroll through the labyrinth of its narrow alleys, steep lanes, and staircases leading everywhere or descending towards the beach is a must. The typical district of “Chepabbash” is an example.

Rodi Garganico’s marina was inaugurated in 2009. The port’s location is strategic for exploring the Gargano area and the Croatian islands. The Marina di Rodi Garganico is, in fact, the closest port to the Tremiti Islands, connected by a ferry; while the Croatian coasts of Lastovo are 60 nautical miles away, and Korcula is 78 nautical miles distant. The marina is equipped with bunkering facilities (diesel, gasoline, sif), car and motorcycle rentals, a commercial park with 30 shops, restaurants, bars and lounges, pizzerias, laundromats, beauty salons, hairdressers, and much more. The port’s reception offers tourist information and organization services, allowing visitors to discover the Gargano and Capitanata territories through guided visits and excursions.

Walking among the manorial palaces and typical white houses, you may come across the picturesque area “Sotto il Castello“, where the famous Aragonese castle once dominated, of which two towers are still visible. Continuing through the steep alleys, you descend to another characteristic district, that of “Vuccolo“. Another charming spot is the “Belvedere“, where the main city gate once opened, providing a magnificent view of the beach and orange groves.

A visit to the Capuchin Convent is a must. From here, you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama. Built in 1538, it was the first Capuchin convent in the Gargano area. The Church of the Holy Spirit attached to it was consecrated in 1678. The convent houses the monks’ tombs, a splendid cloister, and a painting depicting Mary with the Apostles.

The oldest church in Rodi is the Church of St. Peter and Paul. Originally part of a convent built during the visit of St. Francis of Assisi. Admire its bell tower.

A visit to the Sanctuary of Madonna della Libera is essential. In an elegant Baroque style, the precious “Madonna Painting” is preserved here. Tradition has it that the painting, while on a Venetian ship near Rodi returning from Constantinople, practically “chose” to stay in Rodi, causing the ship to stop.

Finally, do not miss the opportunity to admire the bell towers, such as those of the Church of St. Nicholas of Myra or the Church of St. Peter and Paul.