The cuisine of our restaurant is the result of a constant commitment to sourcing the most genuine ingredients and preparing dishes that reflect the local gastronomic tradition.
We pride ourselves on offering a variety of Gargano specialties, each prepared with passion and care: appetizers that delight the palate with tastings of local cured meats and typical cheeses, traditional first courses, and Gargano specialties, main courses featuring fresh fish and local meats, expertly crafted to satisfy even the most discerning palates.
Finally, artisanal desserts that conclude the meal on a sweet note, providing an authentic taste of the Gargano pastry tradition.
At the heart of our culinary offering are top-quality ingredients, carefully selected to ensure maximum freshness and authenticity: extra virgin olive oil from local production, fruits and vegetables from local farmers, mussels (cozze) cultivated directly in Lake Varano and exported worldwide, just to mention a few delicacies from our region.
Each ingredient contributes to creating a blend of flavors that enhances the gastronomic roots of Gargano.
In addition to the extraordinary culinary experience, our restaurant offers a welcoming and authentic atmosphere, making every meal a pleasant experience.