Peschici is a beautiful town on the Puglian coast situated within the Gargano National Park. The city is renowned for its historic center and stunning beaches.

Perched on a promontory overlooking the Adriatic Sea, Peschici can be described as one of the most picturesque towns in Puglia. This small center in the province of Foggia features a truly charming bay with beautiful beaches and crystal-clear waters, while behind it stretches the Gargano National Park. The city offers diverse landscapes, making it a stronghold of culture, nature, and relaxation. From the historic center with Arabic origins to breathtaking coastlines, from the trails of the Gargano Park to splendid fishing huts (trabucchi), Peschici is a city that lends itself to a stay filled with culture, nature, and leisure.

The main point of interest in Peschici is undoubtedly its historic center within medieval walls interspersed with visible towers. Access to the ancient village of Peschici from the city center (Corso Garibaldi) is through an arch with a tower that locals call “Porta del Ponte“, in memory of the drawbridge that once closed off the town.

The historic center is typically Mediterranean, with narrow streets, panoramic views of the sea, and white houses with domed and sloping roofs, reflecting different historical periods and dominations. Continuing, you reach the present-day “Porta di Basso” street, so named for the presence, in the past, of a secondary gate used by fishermen and laborers returning from the beach or the fields below.

Dominating the sea is the Castle of Peschici, the first structure built in the current historic center, constructed by the Normans around the year 1000 on the remains of a Greek castle. The castle is partially destroyed and incorporated into the city grid, with some sections turned into private residences. The “segrete” (secret rooms), however, are accessible to the public and often host exhibitions.

Downhill, you find the characteristic harbor, the long sandy bay, and heading north, a rocky ridge with a pine forest and the distinctive “Torre di Monte Pucci“, separating it from the Bay of Calenelle and San Menaio (Vico del Gargano).

A visit to Peschici would be incomplete without exploring the famous trabucchi, part of the city’s historical and cultural heritage. Less famous than those in Abruzzo, the trabucchi along the coast of Peschici number seven and were once used for fishing without venturing into open sea. Many of these trabucchi have now been converted into restaurants where you can enjoy excellent local cuisine and admire splendid landscapes along the coast.

Peschici boasts numerous beaches, both free and equipped. The most famous is undoubtedly Marina di Peschici, the coastline near the tourist harbor. Stretching for about 700 meters, this sandy shore features fine sand and a sea with gently sloping depths, while numerous beach clubs offer umbrella rentals and all necessary services.

Another well-known beach in the area is Spiaggia di Jalillo, separated from Marina di Peschici by a large rocky outcrop, but connected by a bridge. Extending for about 150 meters, this shore consists of a mix of sand and gravel.

About 3 km from the center of Peschici, you’ll find Spiaggia di San Nicola, a beach approximately 600 meters long with several bathing establishments. The beach has very fine sand, and the sea is clear with very shallow depths.

For those seeking quieter and more secluded beaches, there’s Baia di Zaiana, a cove nestled between high rocky walls concealing a soft, fine sand beach.

A bit further along the road connecting Peschici to Vieste is Spiaggia di Manaccora, a sandy coastline with both equipped areas and free beach sections, surrounded by the greenery of nature. This stretch of coast is particularly appreciated for its natural setting, making it a highly sought-after destination in summer.

To reach Peschici from Rodi Garganico, you must follow the long coastline of San Menaio. Peschici is located 10 km from Rodi Garganico.