Vieste, known as the “Pearl of Gargano“, is located further east on the Gargano promontory and preserves the ancient charm of the medieval historic center. Along the narrow streets of the center, you can see the “mignali“, the characteristic external staircases of Vieste’s homes. The ancient center of Vieste seamlessly integrates with the 19th-century and modern style of the flat neighborhood. This abundance of beauty is then framed by two beaches with very fine sand and enchanting sea.

Situated on the eastern tip of the Gargano Promontory, surrounded by natural landscapes of rare beauty among the most beautiful in the Gargano National Park, Vieste is the perfect location for those seeking relaxation and tranquility, water sports enthusiasts, hikers, and those who love vibrant holiday scenes. With its hotels, residences, villages, and campsites, Vieste can meet any vacationer’s needs.

What attracts tourists from around the world every year are primarily its numerous beaches, ranging from well-equipped and touristy to less frequented and more wild, characterized by gigantic sea stacks, bays, coves, cliffs, and splendid sea caves. Thanks to the excellent quality of the coast and waters, Vieste has been awarded the Blue Flag of Europe multiple times.

The old village of Vieste, perched on cliffs above the sea, is a charming maze of narrow streets, small squares, white houses, and alleys animated by local shops, typical products, and artisanal items.

The symbol of the city is Pizzomunno, a 25-meter monolith embedded on the shore in front of the town, towering over the coast. Its name derives from the legend associated with this rock spur. It is said that Pizzomunno was a young fisherman from Vieste who, faithful to his beloved Cristalda, never succumbed to the temptations of the sirens. These, annoyed, dragged Cristalda to the depths of the sea and turned Pizzomunno into stone. However, the legend suggests that the two lovers meet every 100 years to relive their passion for one night.

Vieste is the center of Gargano’s nightlife, with its characteristic historic center, rich in inns and typical restaurants, and the Lungomare Enrico Mattei, a large avenue dotted with numerous beach clubs, bars, pubs, and entertainment venues, including nighttime entertainment.

The port is a safe harbor for small and medium-sized boats and an excellent starting point to reach the enchanting Tremiti Islands, as well as Croatia.

Located in a geographical position influenced by all winds, Vieste is a highly coveted destination for surfers, windsurfers, and kitesurfers.